Whatever I Want To Be
represents a unique blend of classical melodies and contemporary lyrics.
This album will nurture a love of classical music, making it accessible to children and parents in a
fun, joyful and humorous way. Bonus features include a sixteen page booklet of lyrics, and
entertaining narratives about our famous composers.....by the children of Young Avenue Kids.

Review Highlights:

We loved it! My 2 year old and 5 year old danced around the house as we listened to this wonderful
CD! If you are looking for a fun and playful introduction to classical music for your young ones, this
is the perfect fit!

A lovely product that I thoroughly enjoyed. Many, but not all of the lyrics were educational. Some
were just sweet, joyous or fun! I love how the first song invites the listener in on a journey, with the
inspirational music of Suppe. "The Orchestra Families" is my children's favorite song with all of the
the instruments grouped and described.

The CD opens with triumphant horns and a melodious female voice that echos that of Julie Andrews.
The female lead is joined by a few other younger voices that let the listener know that we will be
blasting off into our imagination. Young Avenue Kids has put together a wonderful collection of
popular classical music that spans from the 18th to the 20th century.

Review by Michael Berick
– January 21, 2013
While the title makes one think of Marlo Thomas' Free To Be You And Me, this CD is a quite differ-
ent, quite unique project. Ilana Melmed, an L.A. resident, has created lyrics to a set of classical music
pieces as a way to interest young ears in this style of music – and she nicely succeeds in her mission.
"The Gorgeous Butterfly" (based on a Strauss composition) and "William Tell Is Oh So Swell" are
two of the stronger tracks, as is the contemporary classic piece "Nighttime In The Toy Store". The
CD concludes with several tracks where kids talk about various composers to help youngsters learn
more about classical music. www.laparent.com

Reviewed by Brooklyn Family – June, 2013
"If you're looking for the perfect sound-track for your family's summer road-trip, be sure to pick up Young Avenue Kids' "Whatever I Want to Be." This CD serves as a lively introduction to classical music, with lyrics about a butterfly's metamorphosis, the different instruments in the orchestra, how to brush your teeth, the circus, and more. The CD ends with 10 tracks featuring kids sharing fun facts about these important composers." www.nyparenting.com

Review by Phil's Picks – April 3, 2013
"Young Avenue Kids, the brainchild of South African born Ilana Melmed, has released what is one of the year's best children's albums. The inclusion of lyrics and young people singing makes the song clips chosen for this record all the more relatable for young audiences……and also boasts songs that not only are classical pieces, but also are songs that promote positive lifestyles." www.philspicks.wordpress.com

Review by Shirley – May 28, 2013
What an absolutely amazing debut CD! My girls have had a blast singing and dancing along with each of the songs on this beautiful set of classical songs! I LOVED the song, "The Orchestra Family" for teaching the children about classical music. I also love all the extras on the official website like coloring sheets, ways to learn about composers and classical music and a quiz that you can take! I highly recommend "Whatever I Want To Be." www.therempels4.blogspot.ca

Review by Pamela Brill – May 28, 2013
"The genius of this CD is its clever adaptation, taking core classical melodies and putting a modern spin on them with the addition of catchy lyrics. This is one CD that rocks out when you least expect it. From the first number each composition delivers a well-paired sound/voice combination that will keep young listeners engaged and eagerly awaiting the next track." www.talkingwalnut.com

Review by Gwen – April 1, 2013
"Whatever I Want to Be" is a creative children's album set to classical tunes that most adults recognize. My daughter loved the songs, after hearing them just the first time. She has asked every day to hear "my new CD." The songs are geared toward children aged 2-8 and the messages in the songs are, in my opinion, perfect." www.gthegeminimama.blogspot.com

Review by Heather Ann – April 3, 2013
"I have really loved this CD! I love introducing my boys to classical music at such a young age in such a fun way." www.dandygiveaway.com

Review by Julie – May 4, 2013
"There are pieces meant for fun and imagination- like Blast off with Suppe, William Tell is Oh so Swell and Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc plus a plethora of educational songs that teach about everything from a butterfly and its metamorphosis to brushing your teeth to cleaning up toys to the different musical instruments that make up an orchestra. The album contains eleven songs, but has two tracks for each – one with the lyric-version, and one that is the straight classical piece, each introduced by one of the young singers – explaining a little about that song's composer. I think this is a great way to incorporate learning into the listening experience." www.directorjewels.com

Review by Kristen – May 7, 2013
"My girls and I became instant fans. The songs are educational and whimsical sung in tune to famous pieces of music. The biggest hit of this CD is the Bonus Feature – tracks 12-22 where children share tidbits about the composer and particular piece of music. Whatever I Want to Be has been a rewarding educational addition to our daily lives." www.teachingstars.com

Review by GG – May 20, 2013
"The vivacity of the kids is endearing, not only when they sing, but also when they're heard sharing their enthusiasm and a treasure trove of information through a special eleven track feature of this CD titled 'The Kids Speak about the Composers." www.changes4charlie.com

Review by Lisa Ruperts– May 22, 2013
"I love this album. Tracks 12-22 where the kids tell a little about the composers and then you hear the song (with no lyrics) is just an awesome feature. What an easy way to sneak learning in! Tracks 1-11 feature entertaining lyrics, that you'll find yourself singing along in no time." www.astheygrowup.com

Review by Erinn – May 24, 2013
"The music in this CD brings everyday topics relevant to any toddler or child and adds a bit of classical music that is catchy and educates as well. This CD will have you memorizing versus and stopping to really hear what they are saying to your child." www.3sonsshavei.com

Review by Kerrie Mendoza – May 24, 2013
"From the beginning the CD engages your children in a new way to interact with classical music." www.familyfoodand travel.com

Review by Lindsay – May 28, 2013
"We all fell in love with this CD from the first song. Blast off with Suppe gets things started with a great beat and a fun song. I loved listening to these strong little voices deliver such clear concise lyrics. I liked that some of the songs could be used as an instructional way to make tedious things fun like Clean Up Time and That's The Way to Brush Your Teeth. The CD is light –spirited, educational and fun". www.theiemommy.com

Review by Ruth – June 3, 2013
"I am a firm believer in teaching kids classical music and this CD is indeed a magnificent way to do just that. My favorite part of the CD goes far beyond the music, catchy lyrics and fun arrangements. I love the portion where the kids talk about each of the composers. Kids learn best from other kids in many situations. This is certainly one of them." www.mydevotionalthoughts.net

Review by Valerie Mitchell – May 28, 2013
"There is lots of music available for kids. Young Avenue Kids is unique in that kids are actually featured on the CD-very very talented kids! The children's voices are professional and a treat to hear. This is evident in their singing and in their spoken words." www.sweeps4bloggers.com

Review by The Divas – June 5, 2013
"The CD takes classical pieces and adds fun lyrics to them about everyday activites for kids e.g. brushing teeth to Daniel Auber's Overture:The Crown Diamonds Opera. Any everyday occurrence sounds much grander when backed by a powerful classical piece of music. The CD is not only entertaining, but VERY educational and features classical music with a fun twist! After the first eleven tracks is where the educational part of the CD kicks in. Each song is played again without lyrics, so you can enjoy the classical piece in its original form. Plus they add a brief spoken introduction to each, that tells something interesting about the lives of the composers. Included with the Whatever I Want To Be CD is a 16 page booklet with lyrics to all the songs and information about the composers." www.doubledutydivas.com